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Hello everyone!

I wanted to make something special for you guys for being with me for nearly two years now, so as a way to show my gratitude I’ve decided to make a small giveaway! 

The prize consists of three little things:

  1. A little handmade book I made, titled, 10 ways to have a better day.
  2. A small sticker of one of my illustrations, which you can actually buy as an art print here.
  3. An embroidered design of the hereunoia logo, for you to hang up or stick wherever.

All you’ve got to do is reblog this post. Also, you must be following my poetry blog (hereunoia)! The winner will be randomly selected on July 1st!

Best of luck to everyone! Have fun and keep smiling!

- Alaska x 

P.S: It’d be nice if when you reblogged this, you added a little idea of your own on how to have a good day


yeah baby i am an ANIMAL in bed. more specifically a koala. i can sleep for 22 hours a day

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